Trixie Sour | FREE SHIP to U.S.

Trixie Sour | FREE SHIP to U.S.


48"W x 60"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of authenticity included.

Trixie Sour is part of a series of large, layered abstracts with gleaming, metallic punch. I'm getting to the point where I create almost exclusively with palette knives. I love them, and use their edges for sharp rectilinear lines and for scraping out naturally occurring shapes and textures. You might notice that I did use a wide brush for the deep green background. The limey-yellow shapes got me thinking about sour, green Granny apples and Whiskey Sours; heavy on the lime. The originally serious tone of this work eventually took on a quirky, playful character; kind of tricky. Do you remember "Trixie" from "The Honeymooners" of 1951-55? I watched reruns with my parents when I was little. Then I bought a series of CDs. You can stream it now, which is what you'll need to do, because it's hilarious. Trixie Sour.

Trixie Sour arrives prewired, ready to hang.  Acrylic paint on Canvas with 1-1/2" Deep Museum Mount, Painted Edges

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