Trebuchet | FREE SHIP to U.S.

Trebuchet | FREE SHIP to U.S.


60"W x 48"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of authenticity included.

Trebuchet began with cool washes of tonal blues, alizarin crimson and cardinal red, It was supposed to be a calm, watery scene. Here's how it instead evolved into a great display of energy. The next day I scraped on some thin diaxozine and alizarin corners with my favorite palette knives to draw your eyes toward the bright white. Then I applied highly textural lines and shapes with palette knives. This just confirmed to me that texture and pigment influence me almost without fail, towards an expression of geometry or a play of motion. In this case, say, a trebuchet; a wooden one, splintering as an expression of it's own impact? Yes. And the fabric of tightly knit lines represents the latent stresses burgeoning inside the structure prior to launch. You'll see gold metallic strings in this fabric that change in that light depending on the angle from which you're looking at it, just to make sure the painting gets your attention if nothing else about it does.

I add two layers of UV protection, but as always, hang away from direct sunlight to be sure. The deep 1-1/2" edges of this work are painted as continuation of it's surface as if it were three dimensional object. 

Trebuchet arrives prewired, ready to hang.  Acrylic Paint on Canvas with 1-1/2" Deep Museum Mount, Painted Edges

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