Side Winder

Side Winder


20"W x 16"H x 1.5"D

Side Winder ships rolled and arrives ready to mount in your frame of choice. As a suggestion, the in-situ image shows the work with a warm gray matte and black frame.

Some washes of photo blue, of warm gray, a bit of Hooker's green. Ok, and a splash of orange. Just a dreamy, watercolor-like amalgam of landscapy type subtieness. What to do? Next day, now that Side Winder was dry, it was ready for charcoal; some great scribbles. But yet, it sat there a few more days, and I had to add some squiggly swirls. Yes, almost done. Some white paint pen, another drying session, and when outlining with an ultra fine black paint pen I find yes, it now has the detail and variation I want. It is finished, and I feel it must be named Side Winder.

Materials Used:  Paint, Acrylic, Paint Pen and Charcoal on Watercolor Paper

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