Six to Four

Six to Four


20"W x 16"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of Authenticity Included

Six to Four began with washes of teals and pthalo greens, with drenches of water. That created the appearance of blue and green rain streaming down a window pane. I used a the loose brush I love to paint swirl on cadmium orange, alizarin crimson and bright white circles. The paint pen scribbles I added on the next layer created this dimension of background noise on top of the heavy rain, while the circular swaths added the bigger crashes of a symbol. Let’s say it’s a moment in time where there’s lots of commotion indoors during a downpour outdoors. It’s easy for me to say that I see a scene along with it’s accompanying sounds in everything I paint, because the variety of colors, brushes, strokes, and lines is to me like layers of movement and music. That’s what makes the layered richness in places you and I live in every day; the sounds of life. Six to Four? Perhaps it's the time in the room when it all happened, and maybe the song by the Group Chicago was in my head when I was thinking of the name too. 

Six to Four arrives ready to mount in your frame of choice.

Materials Used:  Paint, Acrylic, Paint Pen and Charcoal on foam backed paper board

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