Harlequin Plaid

Harlequin Plaid


40"W x 16"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of authenticity included.

Harlequin Plaid began with wide, overlapping swaths of burnt orange, yellow and red using a three inch wide palette knife. After a day of studying the canvas, I chose to create tension by overlapping those scrapes with a diagonal pattern of deep, purple-blue using the edges of that same tool. Seldom one to shy aware from deep, vivid hues, the next day I couldn't help but to apply some meaty chunks of teal, lime and true cadmium orange using the short end of a quarter inch knife. My last decision was to bring in reflective metallic gold to reinforce the harlequin pattern, and silver to foil that geometry with concentric rippling echos of pearl.

Harlequin Plaid arrives prewired, ready to hang in a horizontal orientation. 

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