Tillicum Lately

Tillicum Lately


30"W x 15"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of authenticity included.

To me, Tillicum Lately is a question, and no, I haven't seen him around! Puns aside, to Washington state, Tillicum has many meanings; a village, a street (with a k instead of a c), a World's Fair Attraction, a word for friend or kin in the Chinook Indian language. I visited the attraction off the coast of Seattle, and it was lush and friendly, a nice place to be, I thought. The culture here has a kind of mysticism I like, a warm feeling I felt when I looked at this finished painting. It looks like a peaceful, lush, friendly place. Fortunately, I've moved here, and it feels good!

The deep 1-1/2" museum mount edges of Tillicum Lately are painted as 3D extensions of the main image. Tillicum Lately arrives prewired, ready to hang.

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas

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