Waterton Canyon

Waterton Canyon


36"W x 36"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of authenticity included.

I purposely drove down, mid-winter, to a bridge over Platte River near our house take a photo. The ice and current created serpentine shapes that drew your eyes to the source of the river. It emerges from Waterton Canyon in the foothills of the Rockies. I brushed out a yellow and blue river with white, snow covered indigo mountains below a teal green sky. This canvas had energy, but missed the inspiration I needed to finish it. A year later, I brought it down to gesso white over top and start a new painting fresh. Instead I decided to fade out the edges to draw the focus to the river current, it's source, and the mountains beyond. I abstracted fresh, unrecognizable shapes radiating from the landscape. The edge of my palette knife gave life to the pearlescent sparks that completed the pithy impact of nature in full force.

Waterton Canyon arrives prewired, ready to hang.

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