Peggy's | Taos

Peggy's | Taos


22"W x 18"H x 0.5"D Including Frame

Peggy is an artist who's last name is McGivern. Her home in Taos has a fenced back yard except along it's rear that opens onto their own field, and beyond is a stunning mountain panorama. I was among the students in her workshop in October 0f 2017 who wandered back to pick their own easel spot. I stomped down some brush to stand on after I'd set up, and thought about what I learned. I wanted my brush to stay loose, and abstract what I saw with shapes the weren't even in what I actually saw, yet mix it with just a few recognizable forms. I'd seriously slept dreaming that I had in a brush in my hand doing some of what I saw Peggy do. That's how strong my interest was in breaking from the controlled, rectilinear style I got from my Architectural career. And I did. That warm sun, slight breeze and and ambient nature sounds put me in such a relaxed mood, I made the transformation; at Peggy's.

This work is framed in a perfectly matching turquoise frame, prewired and ready to hang as your muse.

Materials Used:  Paint, Acrylic, and charcoal on foam backed board.

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