Nebula Medianoche | Diptych

Nebula Medianoche | Diptych


24"W x 38"H x 1.5"D

Glistening tidal pools of water. At least that's how it started. As I worked with the glazes, I began to feel space; weightlessness, and fumes of heated, particle infused gases, billowing into new planets and comets; fuming sparks fading and shining into extra-stellar bits of light. Metallic silver calligraphic trails began to spiral into the vacuum. This explosive but graceful dance of a newborn star's evolution only hjnts at the distance. Because Nebula Medianoche is a diptych, it may be mounted in many orientations. Each of the two deep wrapped gallery mount piece is 24" x 18". It is signed on the back so you can take advantage of these endless variations and bring your own space along with you into the night sky.

Nebula Medianoche arrives prewired, ready to hang.

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