Kasia's Holiday

Kasia's Holiday


30"W x 24"H x 1.5"D

My friend Kasia shot an unbelievably rich and balanced image in Taylor Park. In the foreground to the Matchless Mountains in Gunnison National Forest, Colorado, is a body of water; a reservior. It's was created by the Taylor Park Dam which dams the Taylor River as part of the 1937 Uncompahgre Project.

While the shape of the lake is somewhat realistic and the mountains maintain the profile and spirit of the range behind it, my imagination quite expectedly took over elsewhere. I added numerous minor pinnacles in the mid-ground and manifested the bubbly, beautiful day in the sky as if it effervesced joy.  The last vignette is Kasia's photo, the inspiration for this work.

The deep 1-1/2" edges of your canvas have been painted as extensions of the main composition.

Kasia's Holiday arrives prewired, ready to hang.

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