Flock of Birds

Flock of Birds


36"W x 36"H x 1.5"D

A foreground of smoldering red earth covered the lower two thirds of the canvas. I added a purple-glazed sky to the upper left, pierced by an intense glowing, sun. A turquoise green flock of birds scattered from my palette knife away from the left side of the sun. Then I was tempted to mirror the flock with red-orange gnashes of palette knife. To contrast the gnashes, I scraped over them with thick cadmium yellow to draw forth the brightness and the heat. When I began to lay mixed photo-blue and aquamarine shapes over top those yellow scrapes, I saw a vibrancy and impact explode. Like floating scraps of blue crepe paper, the shapes appeared to flutter in front of the hot sun, while the flock headed home before the sunset.

I get so inspired by color, that as a painting progresses and my imagination takes shape, the canvas itself drives my next movement until the piece exhibits a vision and a feeling that is complete.

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