Fleur de Lumiere

Fleur de Lumiere


24"W x 36"H x 1.5"D
Certificate of Authenticity Included

Fleur de Lumière is a garden basking in light. It's the only piece in this series where flowers could survive in the painting as in the real world.  It's one of three in a series that can be displayed as a triptych. The first, Fleur de Mer, french for Flower of Sea, was painted in 2016, and is loved and often remarked upon in my studio. It's a cool blue fathom with flowers softly undulating from the sea floor, in the current, towards the surface.  Fleur de Feu, french for Flower of Fire, is the third piece in this series.  Flowers can't survive in fire or underwater but for these imagined places.  Each painting in the series is an extreme; Cool blue water, hot red Fire or intense yellow Light.

The deep 1-1/2" museum mount edges of Fleur de Lumière are painted as 3D extensions of the main image. Your piece arrives prewired, ready to hang.

Materials Used:   Paint, Acrylic on canvas.

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