Trickle 'me Timbers | 3D Glass, Stone, Marble

Trickle 'me Timbers | 3D Glass, Stone, Marble


36"W x 48"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of Authenticity included.

Irridescent colored glass shapes sparkle on this generously sized canvas. Glints from the edges of glazed ceramic tile strips flash. The timbers are at once trickling, growing and glowing. Hard edged metallic stone sticks sprout from a ground littered with sea-glass like pebbles; some with mirrored backs. Yet the trickling tree floats on a salmon, blue, grey and yellow pastel sky that's visually muted with raw umber glaze.

The plane of the canvas image hints at the varying 3D relief finishes that range from high gloss, to satin, to matte objects. The close-up vignettes have been shot in raking sunlight, in some cases appear to add depth to the relief. Direct a light source on this actual glass and stone relief to watch colored trails of light travel through your space and towards the eyes of the beholder.demand attention and will spark conversation.

Trickle 'me Timbers arrives prewired, ready to hang.

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