I Spy | FREE SHIP to U.S.

I Spy | FREE SHIP to U.S.


48"W x 60"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of authenticity included.

I Spy is a new genre for me; a polar opposite. It's more sedate and classic. Since each painting I begin is purposely an experiment, and ends as a discovery, I'll work until a visual language evolves, just like the buildings I used to design. I'd work on a building until the mass and facade created its own visual language. Typically, I start paintings with the white canvas, and layer pigment until I the work becomes a statement like joy, a snapshot of organic movement, or maybe mathmatic precision. In this piece, the field of deep charcoal is lifted with lightness, in a classic, metallic, urban rythm. I lived in Manhattan during the third year of my undergraduate degree, and I Spy reminds me of the glint off off the Chrysler building's sharp turret-like edges at dawn... when the sidwalks are bare, and a few loners make thier way down Fifth Avenue. That's what I spied one hazey, lavender orange morning out the window of my architecture school studio after I'd been there all night.

Materials Used:  Paint, Acrylic, on Canvas with 1-1/2" Deep Museum Mount, Painted Edges, Prewired for Hanging

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