Melange | Diptych

Melange | Diptych


20"W x 40"H x 1.5 "D | Unframed

The word Mélange, according to Merriam-Webster, first appeared in the English language in the 1600s, taken from the French mêler; "to mix". I did, indeed, mix linear streams of flowing liquid yellow back and forth over the red background using separate scrapes of a wide palette knife. I used instinct over plan because some of my best work evolves that way. This background blends about every color of red Grumbacher offers; Cadmium Red, Process Magenta, Alizarin Red, and ok, some Thio Violet. I didn't' want to touch the way the deep Dioxazine Purple and Turquoise Green landed right on the canvas the way I put it there because I wanted to maintain the natural result of the paint densities. With a minimum of a narrower blade scrapes over those last few colors, I left it to dry. The next day I used hot hued glazes to enrich those reds. Then some thick texture in deep purples and violets, whitened magenta, and teal greens laid on with my knives. I worked until I felt balance and complexity equally stated, yet almost screaming exuberance and strength. The deep 1-1/2" museum mount edges of this work are painted as 3D extensions of main image.

Mélange arrives prewired, ready to hang. 

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