Last Stanza

Last Stanza


48"W x 48"H x 1.5"D

Last Stanza began with a wash of celadon yellow. The black, grey, and brown swaths were laid on with a wide brush having each of these colors appllied seperately on different areas of the bristles. The deep, dense shape I created reminded me of a tremendous symphonic bass roar. Traces of melodic wind notes drift and linger in sweet, winding swirls. It's the last eruption af the final dance of a huge, far away party. I paint first and my imagination grows. That's my joy of my painting. Last Stanza brings me to an evening on a lake, where the boom of Gatsby's fete drifts by in it's a last melodic gasp.  The edges of this deep 1-1/2" deep museum streched canvas are painted as part of the composition.

Last Stanza arrives prewired and ready to hang.

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