Reposit the Path | Diptych

Reposit the Path | Diptych


60"W x 40"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of authenticity included.

It was time to re-create how my journey of parenthood should be negotiated. I pondered this as I washed the canvas with a background of glazes. How could I better help, understand, and express how I love my son and still be me? Our progeny deserves every ounce of our being while we simultaneously gift them our own example to thrive as we travel our own path.

As I lay down thick swaths of color, I thought about how sometimes we must reposit exactly how we forge this path, how we position each step, one at a time, until we again travel with joy, ease and exuberance.

Reposit the Path has two canvases, each at 30" x 40". If they're mounted horizontally, with the long canvas dimension vertical, you will probably want about 1.5-75" between them for a total width of 61.5" wide and 40" tall.

Reposit the Path arrives prewired, ready to hang in this orientation.

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