40"W x 30"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of authenticity included.

The joyful Razz began with an intention similar to my paintings 90° and 90.1°. I used a 4" broad brushed rectilinear background. My next layers were laid on one color at a time, using 1" to 1/4" brushes for more narrow rectilinear strokes. I poured on metallic black, silver and white pearl, spreading it with palette knives to enrich the fabric of color, but I felt the rigidity had to be softened, so I created playful wavy motif, applied with acrylic paint markers. After a few days in my studio I chose to balance out the composition with the largest and only red wave. Only at that point did I realize how much more rich and detailed it would be if I added the delicate metallic silver threads. Now bold yet delicate, Razz was complete.

Razz arrives prewired, ready to hang. 

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