Haze Fetti

Haze Fetti


30"W x 24"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of Authenticity Included

A celebratory story... I began this painting after a sabbatical following two losses in our family's leading generation. Feeling only grey, I had to force myself to think in color.

My thoughts were pretty hazy, and for me, purple is rather somber. I knew there was, at least blue sky to be found. I added it even though I didn't feel it. With trepidation, I dabbed bits of brightness to make it less moody, and soon little chads of confetti swirled about like flotsam and jetsom of my emotions, free floating in the breeze. The more festive the colors I added, the cheerier I felt; much more like myself, and ever more glad that I picked up that brush, eager yet to saturate my next canvas. What a relief.

Proof that motion and color can lift one's tatterd soul. My hazy thoughts transformed into a gentle, peaceful celebration of confetti. 

90.1° arrives prewired, ready to hang.

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