30"W x 24"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of authenticity included.

Do you feel as uncontrollably swept up as I do when both joy and tragedy occur at precisely the same time? I was so excited to be asked to feature in the Denver Prism First Friday exhibit while one after another episode of health was plaguing our family. During this chaos, it was natural for me to respond with powerful expression. This painting, created after "Contracted Decision" and "Trick Giblet", has the high energy, saturated contrast of the latter with the dynamic vigor of the former. But it's even more explosive. "Effuse" has the hearty texture that I love in so much in my work, but in it's most extreme expression. The determination with which these meaty gestures of pigment hurl across the canvas is equal to the force with which life sometimes catapults us through circumstance without our consent.  The deep 1-1/2" edges are painted as an extension of the main image of this work.

Effuse arrives prewired, ready to hang.

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