Torus Beacon

Torus Beacon


36"W x 36"H x 1.5"D

Certificate of Authenticity Included

If you research what a Torus is, you'll find a shape that in two dimensional form looks like Torus Beacon. You'd have to slice the Torus in half, and then when you add this smoky sky and blazing heat, you might say that that a beacon is burning through the dark to illuminate your way. Reflective metallic silver and gold strike out in sparks made from the dip of my palette knife edge into liquid pearlescent paints. Burnt orange glaze was spread over the base glaze of yellow, as were a bit of Alizarin Crimson and Dioxazine purple over the burnt orange. Opaque Turquoise green, Process cyan and Photo blue completed the smoky sky before I applied the sparks of heat bursting forth from the burning source of energy. The deep edges of this museum mounted canvas are painted as a three dimensional extension of the image.

Torus Beacon arrives prewired, ready to hang. 

Heather W. Ernst holds exclusive rights over her original work, which may be issued in the form of a maximum of thirty Limited Edition  reproductions.

Materials used:  Paint, Acrylic, on Canvas with 1-1/2" Deep Museum Mount, Painted Edges, Prewired for Hanging

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