Not Miscable | Diptych

Not Miscable | Diptych


60"W x 40"H x 1.5"D | Two Canvases @ 30"W x 40"H x 1.5"D

I wanted to make a grand gesture; not something to rock the universe, just a one gesture visual statement... They're big canvases. 

And I wanted them to be bright; so I broke out the cadmium yellow. I was excited to use a huge new fluffy loose brush, and couldn't wait to see how much motion I could impart onto a 2D surface. I moved from cold colors to hot, added glazing mediums to make pigments wash and blend is some areas, but to separate and layer the non-miscable elements as if they were vinegar and oil. This mixture of roiling materials at the base ferments into tepid hot gases above; so volatile they spurt forth shrapnel of colors. 

Not Miscable has two canvases, each at 30" x 40". If they're mounted horizontally, with the long canvas dimension vertical, you will probably want about 1.5-75" between them for a total width of 61.5" wide and 40" tall.

They arrive prewired, ready to hang in this orientation. 

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